Flawless Teeth Whitening Pen 
Directions for use:
1. Brush your teeth for the best results before you start with application you must make sure your teeth are clean. (Dry your teeth before applying the gel).
2. Twist pen to dispense gel.
3. Smile wide, keeping lips away from teeth and try to avoid your gums.
4. Apply a thin layer of gel to teeth.
5. Relax lips after 30 seconds.
6. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.
*You only need to apply our teeth whitening pen once per day for the first week. After the first week we recommend repeating the steps above once every week or once every two weeks in order to maintain your white smile.*

For cosmetic use only. Do not swallow, Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool, shaded area out of the reach of children. Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur, but discontinue use upon sustained discomfort or irritation.
Active Ingredients: Carbamide peroxide, Carbopo, Propanediol, Glycerin, PH Regulators, Stabilizer, Menthol